Day 38

Day​ 38 - final day for this trip. 30 miles to Evansville Indiana. Weather apps still posting heat warnings daily with no real end in sight. Will drop my bike and camping gear for packing and shipping to my daughter's house in California and catch a plane to New Jersey on Saturday. Good trip, saw part of the US I haven't seen before, met a lot of memorable, kind people along the way. Now to plan the next adventure someplace cooler.

What color is your truck?

Day 36-37

Day​ ​36 46 miles to Sebree KY - more intense country hills making progress slow. Giving considerable thought to finishing the trip this week. Looks like my travel limit is 36 - 40 days This year the heat is intense and I don't do well in heat. Working on my exit strategy via Evansville Indiana

Day 35

Day​ 35, 47 miles to Marion KY. Crossed the Ohio River by ferry and all the accents went about 5-6 levels into deep southern drawl. We are in the south for sure y'all.

Tried to set my alarm using Bixby with no internet. Woke at 6 am instead of 4 am. Guess I needed the sleep. Put me further into the heat than I wanted to be. Checking alarm setting tonight.

Staying in the Marion United Methodist Church. They have been hosting cyclists since 1976 when the TransAmerica trail was initiated. Really nice people, first class facility.

Day 34

Day​ 34 - 51 miles to Eddyville IL, not the one with the penitentiary , normal 10% short grades, two 5% climbs of 1 mile plus, unusual for the route up to now. Got really hot in the last two hours. Weather reports warning about heat wave hitting all across this area. Watching the weather carefully, might cut the trip short near Louisville KY if it looks like it is not going to let up. 

Day 32 - 33

Day​ 32 - 50 miles to Carbondale IL - pleasant morning ride through mostly flat Mississippi River bottom land. Finished just as the weather was heating up.

Saw silos and road materials plants with conveyers reaching to the river to load their products on barges. It really becomes real that the river is still used to move cargo as it has been doing for hundreds of years.

Pretty much a relaxing day getting ready for the hills in the days ahead. Early start planned for tomorrow