Day​ 7, Mile 214 to 285

Day​7, 4 June 71 miles (115 km} La Junta to Eads - headwinds and long gentle uphill for half the ride. This part of the country is flat in every direction with just enough rolling prairie to keep the downhill from getting boring.


In Animas stopped at a roadside trailer for coffee and free lemon cake from Isaac, former welder turned barista. Nice break. From our conversation it sounds like Colorado has become the prisons center for this part of the US with a mix of private and state run institutions.


A bit of a climb, gentle grade, but gentle headwind as well, butterflies doing fly by's and other winged insects coming along for the ride. Flushed 5 antelope (I think) which ran beside me in a field for several minutes before crossing the road in front of me and heading across the plain.


Park in Eads was really nice green strip with beautiful trees. No restroom or washing up area, but there was a reststop on the hiway a short ride from the camp. Note to the sensitive, birds begin singing at 4am.