Day 1 Christchurch to Leeston

  Bicycle fully loaded in front of my friend Howard's house on Day 1 of the fantastic journey. Originally scheduled for Rakaia Huts about 20 km further, I stopped after 53 km because of the extremely strong SW winds. Met a man in Leeston who gave me great advice on the roads ahead of me and then, as so many others, told me that I had picked the right direction to ride because of the normally prevailing winds. When I mentioned today's weather he said "Except for the current South Westerlies" There you go then.




  Looking for a place to camp, a gracious realtor referred me to a small reserve on the north side of town. I pitched Camp Humble behind a couple of evergreens on a newly cut grassy area and settled down for a comfy sleep where the tent never went below 5.7 C and my Big Bertha Lost Ranger sleeping bag performed as advertised.





 Being completely exhausted I stopped at a supermarket in Leeston and collected supplies for a gourmet cold meal for the first day on the road. This meal was repeated several times without ever losing its appeal. Cheese and salami are not easily available or affordable in Thailand.