Day 12 Pomeroy to Mackay'Eddy/Myrtle Fishing Access Campground

Pomeroy to Mackay'Eddy/Myrtle Fishing Access Campground,  Myrtle ID - 81.9 km Lots of climbing out of Walla Walla, then a dramatic downhill to about 250 m elevation. Climb to about half of the height of Lolo Pass, not near the grade at the end of Lolo.

Huge breakfast at Tonia's Cafe in Pomeroy before setting put. I think the big breakfasts are not the best way to start the riding day.

Met Allen near the bottom of the downhill. He was heading for the Pacific Coast from Missoula MT. He had good advice about the conditions of the approach to Lolo
When I asked about the ride-ability of the grade at the top of the pass he said he saw a girl walking it once. Still took his picture and wished him safe travels

Met Norm the campsite host. A really nice 83 year old guy who wanted to make sure I had used my Senior Pass so that I only needed to pay $5 for camping

First rain day. Started light enough that I managed to cook and eat dinner outside. Coming down steady now. Hope it lets up by morning so I can pack a dry rain fly