Day 14 - 15 Mile 559 to 604

Day​ 14 took me to Newton KS and the Newton Bike Shop and Bike Rider Hostel. The ride today was shorter, only 46 miles (75 km) which was long enough. The wind and heat are still taking their toll and I plan a rest day in Newton. Next stop is Eureka KS, 72 miles down the road. 

The terrain is beginning to get hilly and there are lots more planted trees which even sometimes block the wind for a moment or two.

The Transam Bike Race began the 1st of June and the leaders are passing through Newton over the next few days. The Newton Bike Shop stays open 24 hrs/day for a week as the ride passes through. Saw the guy in the #2 spot at the shop today. Sunburned and determined he was changing tires on his bike during the rest stop of less than 2 hours. You can follow the ride standings at There is a map page following the riders who all have GPS trackers.

Day​15 Rest day in Newton KS at the Pedalers Corner bicyclers hostel attached to the Newton Bicycle Shop. Wonderful time watching the comings and goings of the leaders of the Trans Am Bicycle Race. Ate some good food and enjoyed the hospitality of James and Heather. This is a MUST for bicycle tourists riding the TransAmerica Trail.