Day 15 Mekong River or Bust Tour

Day 15 Mekong River or Bust Tour - rest day in Pakse - Walked around like a zombie for the first half of the day, 10 days without a break is too much. Wandered about taking a few pictures. Seems that the Lao go out of their way to misspell English. Maybe it was the French influence. Went to pay for our rooms for the second day. Jokingly told the guy at the desk he owed me a discount because the batteries in the controller were bad. He reached into a drawer and showed me he had replaced the batteries. When I mentioned that I didn't have it last night he offered to reduce the price to that of a fan room and give me the next night at the same price - love Laos Dinner at Hasan Indian restaurant. Good food and ran across James once again. He had ridden down the Laos side of the Mekong and was headed up to Bonliven as we were. Had a great time swapping stories about border crossings (Mukdahan) that wouldn't let him ride his bike across and guest house and camping experiences along the route. Went for a walk after dinner trying to find a coffee shop selling Dao coffee beans. Didn't find it but I did find the Icy Pooh ice cream shop. Modeled on the Winny the Pooh theme, the name might have needed some more thought. Had a great ice cream at a very good price finishing a perfect day.