Day 15 Wilderness Gateway to Wendover Campground

18 June Wilderness Gateway to Windover - 59.9 km altitude gain 450 m. 1032 km as of today. Assuming this route is the Same as s the full TransAmerica Trail, I have 5600 km to go. After weather reports predicting sunny skies and increasing temperatures over the next week, it rained all night last night and for several hours this morning. Wore rain gear all day with sporadic showers and mist. Reading a book on my phone sitting on the ground next to the river, it started a slow rain, I just leaned forward to protect the screen on my phone and kept eating and reading. 

Another spartan campground. Vault toilets and a manual water pump to get drinking water. Sites are nice and I found one where I could pitch my tent on the ground and stake out the rain fly. 

Hopefully I will get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow is Lolo Pass, probably about 25 km to the top with about 8 km of "challenging" grades just before the top. The anxiety monster is sleeping in my tent tonight.