Day 16-17 Wendover Campground Idaho to Square Dance Center and Campground Lolo Montana

This was the key ride to determine if I could do this trip - Lolo Pass. Turns out, as most events in life, the anxiety exceeded the difficulty, and although it was difficult it was rideable. It appears that most passes on major hiways run 5% to 7% grade maximum. While Lolo was 4 miles of climbing, I took a few breaks and easily arrived at the rest stop at the top. 

The downhill was a thrill until it dropped to about 1.5% at the bottom and the afternoon headwinds came up. 

All in all I arrived at the Square Dance Center and Campground with enough strength to set up camp and ride into town for a fried chicken dinner 

Because the Adventure Bicycle Association is located in Missoula about 15 miles north of Lolo I stayed an additional night and rode to Missoula on day 2.

Rest day today, rode into Missoula to Adventure Cycling Association HQ. Great people working to promote cycle touring throughout US. Hit Albertsons for supplies and came back via The Sweet Farm that just happened to have a purple buffalo in front of the shop. Cooked a huge steak and had a wonderful conversation about life with Tom and Chris from Berkeley. A great day. 

And my phone came back to life after spending the night in a bag of elbow pasta.