Day 16 Mile 604 to 644

Day​ 16 arrived Cassoday after 40 miles of HEADWINDS. Early in the day, but an additional 35 miles of the same to the next town didn't seem that appealing. Corn fields, more trees and the land is more rolling. 2-3% grades and 12 mph (20 kph) headwinds make for a long ride. However it is good resistance training for the upcoming Ozarks and Appalachians.

Met an "interesting" character along the way. Serial Talker Owen who slowed down to ask directions that he already knew and then proceeded to talk nonstop. I was saved by an abandoned kitten that Owen decided to inspect to see if it was feral I managed to ride away. He was still talking to me as his voice faded.

Good park in Cassoday, Country Store cooks french fries so soggy you have to fold them in half to dip them in the katsup. Grease provides good energy I guess.

Weather humid for the first time on the trip. Battery fan a lifesaver.

Short day tomorrow to Eureka to resynch the trip with the more desirable stops.