Day 18 - 19 Mekong River or Bust Tour

21-22 January 2017 - Sekong to Tat Lo Laos - 75 km - climb to 880 m elevation at Thateng Nua, then downhill to 350 m at Tat Lo - the climb was relatively easy with a couple 8-9% grade climbs to keep it interesting. Scenery breathtaking - riding through hills and valleys, rice paddies being planted. Ended at Tat Lo with a guest house balcony overlooking the Se Set river just downstream from a waterfall. Tomorrow will be a rest day for exploring the waterfalls in the area and more serious balcony sitting.

Explored waterfalls in the Tat Lo area. The highest unfortunately is downstream from a dam and had just a trickle of water flowing over the falls. However the ride to it was fun, serious short uphill, and the view was pretty spectacular. Walked around the village and took pictures. Signs on the guest houses were fun. Hanging out waiting for a pig BBQ that never happened because "The boy who does it got drunk last night and didn't come today". Gotta love the Lao people.