Day 18, mile 680 to 748

Day​ 18 68 miles (109 km) long day riding through corn fields and headwinds. Almost finished with Kansas, then I can complain about the Ozarks of Missouri.

Saw one other rider heading West and one of the Trans Am Bicycle Race riders in the Lizard Lips Cafe. Fun old place where they give you a tiny lizard for your bicycle when you sign their guest book. Got a really good ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich for the road.

Completely burnt and out of water by the time I hit Chanute, I checked into a Motel 8 instead of setting up a tent in the heat and waiting for the sun to go down. Early start tomorrow, two days to Springfield and a visit with my niece Jennifer and her cool family.

Total mileage 748 miles at the end of today. Roughly 1/3 of the trip estimated mileage of 2250 miles. Whee!