Day 2 Leeston to Rakaia

Today's destination was supposed to be Ashburton, however several kilometers of gravel road (caution pushing the "bicycle" on Google Maps) and the crossing of the 1.5 km bridge over the Rakaia River I made an immediate left into the Rakaia River Holiday Park and secured a beautiful campsite all by myself on the back of the property.  The trees around this area remind me so much of the Olympic Peninsula I may never leave.



Oh yes, gravel roads cross between farmlands every two kilometers. Some of the roads they cross are paved, some are not. These are rarely traveled roads so the gravel is several inches deep, like riding through sand. I finally discovered that riding in the grass along side the roads was actually easier. Note to self, use the car routes as a comparison against bicycle routes on Google Maps.

On arrival at the park Jackie, one of the two park managers, presented me with a rasher (3) of chicken fresh eggs for my breakfast tomorrow. One more of the wonderful people I have met in New Zealand since I arrived. I will stay here at least two days and try my luck at trout fishing. Interesting view in Rakaia, they don't consider it fishing until the salmon come upriver. Til then there are only trout in the rivers.... disdain noted. Ok, I have no such prejudice, I'm going after trout tomorrow.



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If you're like me and don't know where that is, I googled it. It's in Washington state :)