Day 2 Mekong River or Bust Tour

5 January 2017 Breakfast at the Nantawan restaurant (ร้านทานตะวัน (หนองคาย) | Map Kai Grata, a local dish with fried eggs with Chinese sausage, ground pork and some fresh vegetables on top. Served with bread and, in the case of this restaurant, pork noodle soup. Nongkhai to Phon Phisai - great visit to Sala Keoku, a park of interpretive statues mixing Hindu and Buddhist art. Some imaginative and strange statuary, well worth the visit. Riding along the Mekong on Hiway 212 is a bit disappointing as far as river sitings are concerned. The Hiway rarely comes close to the river, maybe by design to protect from flooding. Shoulders are wide and well paved and overall traffic is relatively lite. Phon Phisai left a little to be desired - small town where we stayed in a small travel hotel, bare rooms for 500 per night. After we got settled in we discovered, a Thai website that locates hotels not found on Agoda. There are plenty of river front places to stay.