Day 20-21, Mile 806 to 871

And we are on to Day 21. Day 20 was a rest day in Pittsburg after two days of riding into strong headwinds put my sinuses in the dumper.

Today was the end of Kansas and the beginning of Missouri and Ozarks 101, an introduction to things to come. At mile 50 of 65, out come the "rolling hills" with 8% to 12% grades. After a particularly long grade Duane found me laying in his yard and asked if I would like to stand under his garden hose and then have an ice-cream bar. Both brilliant ideas! He then showed me his "antique" cars, 60's vintage Chevrolet and Ford. After complimenting him on them I realized that these were not antique to me. Feeling my age here a little bit.

Found the City Park in Everton when I stopped to ask directions to the local market (no market, but a convenience store over by the freeway) but I did get Gatorade from the fire station next door and directions to the park from Jim. No baby raccoons today, but some really kind strangers that got me out of the sun at the right time of the day.

Moving from Kansas to Missouri has changed the characteristics of road kill. Kansas was mainly armadillos, Missouri road kill is furrier.