Day 3-4 Mekong River or Bust Tour

6-7 January 2017 Phon Phisai to Pak Khat - 45 km Still doing relatively short rides as team gets used to riding with gear on roads with some hills and ample head winds. One guy still fighting a virus that may be a reason to stand down for a day. A matter of doing what is necessary so everyone gets to participate in the tour. Breakfast in Phon Phisai - another meal of Kai Grata. May have to adopt this one for Saturday morning breakfasts at home. Ride to Pak Khat was uneventful, arriving by noon. Our objective hotel turned out to take only week and monthly guests so we found a basic place just down the road for 400 Baht a night. Nice view, right on the river. Had lunch at the Mr House Resort and Italian Restaurant. Great pizza, headed back there for dinner this evening. May not lose much weight this trip. 7 January 2017 - A one day layover in Pak Khat to give Ted a chance to get ahead of the flu that has been kicking him since the trip began. Not the most scenic of places to hang out but we did get a short ride on local roads which took us along the river and through some rubber plantations. And we got to eat two more meals at Mr House Resort and Italian Restaurant with food by Chef Claudio. Clearly not a loss at all. As I came back to my room after dinner Mr Lan, the manager, invited me to come drink whiskey with he and his friends in the parking lot of the resort. I drank soda water and told jokes and swapped stories in Thai before taking pictures and heading for bed.