Day 3 St Helens to Ainsworth State Park campgrounds

St Helens to Ainsworth State Park campground - 106 km - 10 hr 45 min - Greatest day yet on the ride. First 50 km were an easy ride to REI in Portland where I spent far too much money (you know, a normal visit to a camping outfitter). Then I worked my way across town to connect with the old Hiway 30 which then climbed through trees along the river and across farmlands up to 265 m altitude. Then the downhill happened! Stops at viewpoints let me take in the amazing views along the Columbia River Gorge, a must see place on earth, especially on the old hiway. I misread the topo lines on my map app and thought there was a gut busting climb to View House. Instead that curvy road was all down hill. (Wheee would be an understatement) All day long I planned what I would cook for dinner. By the time I got to Ainsworth summer sausage, cheddar cheese with sweet bell peppers was a feast. With Smash Mallows for dessert. (so far I have only seen them in REI and I'm afraid to go there because of all of the other goodies that jump into my shopping bag)