Day 34

Day​ 34 - 51 miles to Eddyville IL, not the one with the penitentiary , normal 10% short grades, two 5% climbs of 1 mile plus, unusual for the route up to now. Got really hot in the last two hours. Weather reports warning about heat wave hitting all across this area. Watching the weather carefully, might cut the trip short near Louisville KY if it looks like it is not going to let up. 

Camped in Hayes Canyon horse campground. Apparently there are some popular trails in the area. They were holding an Ice Cream Social for the Veterans Nursing Home so I got a chance to pig out on ice cream and talk to horse people. I spent a good half hour talking to Kim who has been riding since she was three. She and her husband have two horses to which they are totally dedicated. Their relationship extends beyond what I know from raising dogs. Their stories about riding ponies when they were children were great. Apparently the ponies would run away whenever they saw the children because the children rode them so hard. They had to devise ways to fool the ponies so they could get a bridle on themi.

I graduated to road gourmet tonight. I bought canned clam chowder for dinner. When I was getting ready to heat it up I noticed that the can was warm from being on the bicycle in the sun. So I just removed the lid and ate it out of the can. No dishes or repacking the kitchen bag.