Day 36-37

Day​ ​36 46 miles to Sebree KY - more intense country hills making progress slow. Giving considerable thought to finishing the trip this week. Looks like my travel limit is 36 - 40 days This year the heat is intense and I don't do well in heat. Working on my exit strategy via Evansville Indiana

Staying at the Baptist Church in Sebree. More excellent facilities and great hospitality. I arrived in time for a potluck lunch and was immediately invited to join. Lot's of food and I felt young! After lunch three "young people" played guitars and piano for the guests. Another wonderful experience on the road.

Day​ 37 4th of July, went to Henderson to watch the fireworks over the Ohio River with the retired pastor from the church where I stayed and his grandson. Great pyrotechnics, good music and some highly oversugared lemonade. All in all a good 4th of July