Day 4, Mile 114 to 175

Day 4 - 1 June - 61 miles (99 km) - Pueblo to Ordway Colorado- altitude loss 557 ft ( 170 m) air is getting thicker day by day now at 4300 ft. - another long day in the sun - last 40 km with an amazing tail wind made the extra distance possible. 

Passed through several dying towns, stores and restaurants empty and for sale, couldn't buy a cold drink until 6 miles from Ordway. Interstate hiway 50 is a 4 lane freeway that parallels Colorado 96. The effect on the small towns was devastating. Ordway survives due to a state prison nearby. 

Got my pass to camp in the city park and arrived there about 330 pm. 98.6 F (37 C) and wind blowing so hard nothing would stay on the table unless it was waited down. Wind would keep blowing until sundown and it was hot. Finally called the boutique hotel across the street and to my surprise the price was $10 cheaper than last night. A really cool squeaky wood building with beautifully decorated rooms. Carol, the proprietor told me that it was my lucky night because Friday night is steak night at the VFW so I am off on an evening adventure. 

The dinner was fun, spent the evening talking with a local by the name of Kelly who rode from Alamosa, Colorado to Anchorage, Alaska with his brother in 1970. Roads going north were much different as were bicycles. Made for wonderful dinner conversation. Back home well before karaoke time, tomorrow is another ride.