Day 5 Mekong River or Bust Tour

8 January 2017 - Pak Khat to Bueng Kan - 49 km - had an early breakfast of pork and bitter gourd soup followed by Thai coffee in Pak Khat. Ted and Dale set out while I went back to settle the bill at the Rim Kong Resort. Kh Lan was back from the market and we had a great conversation like two old friends parting. He gave me a Buddha icon to carry in my handlebar bag for luck and protection. Ted and I stopped at Wat Ahong at the Navel of the Mekong. This spot is the narrowest, deepest part of the river as well as being the farthest northeastern point in Thailand. The area is beautiful and has a calm spiritual feeling that makes you want to sit by the river all day. The final 20 km into Bueng Kan had some nice rolling hills, but the trees that lined the Hiway out of Pak Khat disappeared and traffic picked up as we approached the provincial capital. We stayed in The One hotel as a break from the rustic Rim Kong Resort in Pak Khat, but there is something just not right about parking bicycles in the VIP conference room and opening a hotel room with a key card on a bicycle tour. The room did have a view of the Tesco Lotus next door and we had KFC for lunch.