Day 6 - Sequim to Lake Crescent WA

A 41 mile (74 km) ride to one of Washington's most beautiful lakes. And as the 2nd day on the road fully loaded, a tough ride. Beginning of the ride was on the Pacific Northwest Discovery Trail until I reached Port Angeles where the beachfront section was under construction. Checking the maps it proved to be 10 miles shorter by Hiway 101 than the trail, decision made, the shorter distance won. 

Lots of hills out of Port Angeles and the 12 miles around Lake Crescent were blessed with headwinds which really loved the fully loaded bicycle. By the time I got to Fairholme Campground at the end of the lake I was so cold and tired that I barely had the energy to pitch my tent, eat the last half of my Walmart Southern Chicken Wrap sandwich and fall into 'bed"