Preparation for Trans America 2017

This year I will be using some new equipment courtesy of Cascade Designs. 

1. Titanium kettle providing a lighter cooking solution. (

2. NeoAir Xlite very compact sleeping mattress. About half the packed size of the EvoLite mattress I used last year. (

3. Hubba Hubba NX 2 man tent, European version with green rain fly for enhanced stealth camping (

In the case of the tent I will be testing a new formula material designed to stand up better in the heat and humidity of the tropics where I spend most of my time when not trying to ride across the USA.

I have also packed the grey rain fly from my original Hubba Hubba NX so I can evaluate both colors for performance on wet, cloudy days when its necessary to spend long hours in the tent. Looking forward to an interesting camping experience.

My thanks for Cascade Designs for their ongoing efforts to provide quality equipment to meet the wide range of conditions both on the trail and in the storage locker between trips.