TransAm Day 3 - Bay City to Rose Lodge

Cannon Beach to Bay City Another reasonable day based on the availability of campsites. The next site after Bay City being too far with a tough climb at the end. I had to push up the front side of a long climb. On the backside I hit a rainstorm with only a raincoat and no rain pants. By the time I got to the bottom I was so cold I could hardly talk. I took refuge in a pizza restaurant where they gave me hot towels to try and restore body temperature. Took a full hour before I could continue the remaining few miles to the campground and hook up with the rest of the team.

TransAm Day 2 - Cannon Beach to Bay City

Easy ride to Bay City where we add stayed in a campground in the city park. Nice grassy campground, porta potties, no showers. Pleasant venue, nice town. We met a one legged man with blue thumbnails on a fixie bicycle who approached us from behind with a very authoritative "We're going to need to see some ID here" Had a wonderful conversation and learned a lot about the town including where to get the best bacon for breakfast - that's Downies Cafe by the way, only open for breakfast and lunch.