Day 19, Mile 748 to 806

Day​ 19 58 miles (93 km) almost finished with Kansas! Today was normal rolling hills going east, then 20 miles of headwinds heading south to Pittsburgh. High point of the trip was a 30 minute nap in a city park half way. And a guy camped near me has a baby raccoon named Squirrel. Some days are just marginal Facebook material

Day 18, mile 680 to 748

Day​ 18 68 miles (109 km) long day riding through corn fields and headwinds. Almost finished with Kansas, then I can complain about the Ozarks of Missouri.

Saw one other rider heading West and one of the Trans Am Bicycle Race riders in the Lizard Lips Cafe. Fun old place where they give you a tiny lizard for your bicycle when you sign their guest book. Got a really good ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich for the road.

Day 17, Mile 644 to 680

Day​ 17 a short 36 miles to Eureka KS to resynch with desirable stopping points and distances. Rode one 17 mile stretch with headwind that took 2 hours. Nothing to do but find a suitable gear, make as small a profile as possible and ride.

Nice city park, grocery store with a sale on 10 oz ribeye, and great company of two couples, one from Minneapolis and one from the Netherlands, both traveling west.

Dessert was 1/2 off shakes at the Sonic Drive In. Shouldn't need much food tomorrow.

Day 16 Mile 604 to 644

Day​ 16 arrived Cassoday after 40 miles of HEADWINDS. Early in the day, but an additional 35 miles of the same to the next town didn't seem that appealing. Corn fields, more trees and the land is more rolling. 2-3% grades and 12 mph (20 kph) headwinds make for a long ride. However it is good resistance training for the upcoming Ozarks and Appalachians.

Day 14 - 15 Mile 559 to 604

Day​ 14 took me to Newton KS and the Newton Bike Shop and Bike Rider Hostel. The ride today was shorter, only 46 miles (75 km) which was long enough. The wind and heat are still taking their toll and I plan a rest day in Newton. Next stop is Eureka KS, 72 miles down the road. 

The terrain is beginning to get hilly and there are lots more planted trees which even sometimes block the wind for a moment or two.