Day 15 Wilderness Gateway to Wendover Campground

18 June Wilderness Gateway to Windover - 59.9 km altitude gain 450 m. 1032 km as of today. Assuming this route is the Same as s the full TransAmerica Trail, I have 5600 km to go. After weather reports predicting sunny skies and increasing temperatures over the next week, it rained all night last night and for several hours this morning. Wore rain gear all day with sporadic showers and mist. Reading a book on my phone sitting on the ground next to the river, it started a slow rain, I just leaned forward to protect the screen on my phone and kept eating and reading. 

Day 14 - Kamiah ID to Wilderness Gateway campground

17 June Kamiah ID to Wilderness Gateway - 97. 5 km - Sunny day, nice gentle climb to 670 m. Beautiful ride along the Middle Fork of the Clearwater River and then the Lochsa River. Lots of white water rafting on the Lochsa. Not sure what class rapids are here, but one of the first rafts I saw was towing two rafters who had fallen overboard.. 

Met one rider today, Dillon from Colorado Springs headed for the Pacific Coast via the Florence Oregon alternate route. He said there are a lot more cyclists on the Montana side of Lolo Pass. 

Day 13 Mackay'Eddy/Myrtle Fishing Access Campground to Kamiah Idaho

Mackay'Eddy/Myrtle Fishing Access Campground to Kamiah Idaho - 75 km - rainy day. Not many photos today. Rained better than half the trip with a real downpour near the end. So went my hopes for packing a dry tent. 

Next tent over appeared with a salted caramel coffee while I was breaking camp - the wonders of the kindness of strangers! 

Spent the last two days near the Clearwater River. The scenery gets more beautiful the farther upriver I travel. 

Day 12 Pomeroy to Mackay'Eddy/Myrtle Fishing Access Campground

Pomeroy to Mackay'Eddy/Myrtle Fishing Access Campground,  Myrtle ID - 81.9 km Lots of climbing out of Walla Walla, then a dramatic downhill to about 250 m elevation. Climb to about half of the height of Lolo Pass, not near the grade at the end of Lolo.

Huge breakfast at Tonia's Cafe in Pomeroy before setting put. I think the big breakfasts are not the best way to start the riding day.

Day 11 Walla Walla to Pomeroy WA

Walla Walla to Pomeroy WA - 111 km - up 950 m/down 650 m - long ride, good workout. Passed through many small towns established in the mid to late 1800's and proud of it. Some fun photography. Went from dry grasslands to lush green hills as I began to climb from Walla Walla. And as soon as I dropped down the other side the dry grasslands reappeared. Beautiful country. Lots of distance to cover today. Tried to put up early at Louis & Clark State Park campground.