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TransAm Day 3 - Bay City to Rose Lodge

Cannon Beach to Bay City Another reasonable day based on the availability of campsites. The next site after Bay City being too far with a tough climb at the end. I had to push up the front side of a long climb. On the backside I hit a rainstorm with only a raincoat and no rain pants. By the time I got to the bottom I was so cold I could hardly talk. I took refuge in a pizza restaurant where they gave me hot towels to try and restore body temperature. Took a full hour before I could continue the remaining few miles to the campground and hook up with the rest of the team.

TransAm Day 2 - Cannon Beach to Bay City

Easy ride to Bay City where we add stayed in a campground in the city park. Nice grassy campground, porta potties, no showers. Pleasant venue, nice town. We met a one legged man with blue thumbnails on a fixie bicycle who approached us from behind with a very authoritative "We're going to need to see some ID here" Had a wonderful conversation and learned a lot about the town including where to get the best bacon for breakfast - that's Downies Cafe by the way, only open for breakfast and lunch.

Day 17 - Fort Stevens rest day

Ride starts tomorrow. Moved to the reserved campsites to wait for the rest of the riders. Two are in Astoria in hotels. By the end of the day three more riders checked in at the campsite. I spent the evening with Eddie, Amie, and Amie's daughter Anna. Good food, good laughter and the Fort Stevens Bolo Ball championship playoffs. Two days and the feeling of making strong friendships.

Day 16 - Long Beach WA to Fort Stevens OR

Short ride again. Flat until the Merrick Bridge from Washington to Oregon. World's longest floating bridge with a gut buster climb in the last section. Stopped for coffee at the Kick Ass Coffee Company just after the bridge. Jokingly asked for the "old man on a bicycle discount" and the lady gave me my money back. Loving Oregon. Headwinds to Fort Stevens, stayed that night in the hiker/biker campground. Met some interesting campers, one who stands out is local fisherman Eddie Murray who gifted me with two fresh caught rainbow trout which I cooked for dinner. Really loving Oregon!