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Day 20-21 Spring Gulch Campground to Wisdom Montana and Rest

Spring Gulch to Wisdom Montana - overall distance 69 km/41 miles - Chief Joseph Pass - 16 km/10 miles for 900 m/3000 ft altitude gain. Lots of rest stops on the way up, but I made it! Then a long downhill and straight roads to Wisdom Montana pop 109. Mam says this is smaller than one of her family reunions. Wisdom's other claim to fame is 2 billion mosquitoes - sleeping indoors tonight.

Day 18 Square Dance Center and Campground to Hamilton

Lolo to Hamilton - 60km - half way to the staging point for Chief Joseph Pass, a 10 mile climb. Paved bike route the whole way. Steady side winds bringing all kinds of wonderful pollens into my throat - antihistamines tonight. 

In mountain country for sure now, the Rockies have been visible since early morning. A preview of the uphill climbs to come for the next few weeks.

Day 16-17 Wendover Campground Idaho to Square Dance Center and Campground Lolo Montana

This was the key ride to determine if I could do this trip - Lolo Pass. Turns out, as most events in life, the anxiety exceeded the difficulty, and although it was difficult it was rideable. It appears that most passes on major hiways run 5% to 7% grade maximum. While Lolo was 4 miles of climbing, I took a few breaks and easily arrived at the rest stop at the top. 

The downhill was a thrill until it dropped to about 1.5% at the bottom and the afternoon headwinds came up.