Transam 2017

Day 20-21 Spring Gulch Campground to Wisdom Montana and Rest

Spring Gulch to Wisdom Montana - overall distance 69 km/41 miles - Chief Joseph Pass - 16 km/10 miles for 900 m/3000 ft altitude gain. Lots of rest stops on the way up, but I made it! Then a long downhill and straight roads to Wisdom Montana pop 109. Mam says this is smaller than one of her family reunions. Wisdom's other claim to fame is 2 billion mosquitoes - sleeping indoors tonight.

Day 18 Square Dance Center and Campground to Hamilton

Lolo to Hamilton - 60km - half way to the staging point for Chief Joseph Pass, a 10 mile climb. Paved bike route the whole way. Steady side winds bringing all kinds of wonderful pollens into my throat - antihistamines tonight. 

In mountain country for sure now, the Rockies have been visible since early morning. A preview of the uphill climbs to come for the next few weeks.