Transam 2017

Day 11 Walla Walla to Pomeroy WA

Walla Walla to Pomeroy WA - 111 km - up 950 m/down 650 m - long ride, good workout. Passed through many small towns established in the mid to late 1800's and proud of it. Some fun photography. Went from dry grasslands to lush green hills as I began to climb from Walla Walla. And as soon as I dropped down the other side the dry grasslands reappeared. Beautiful country. Lots of distance to cover today. Tried to put up early at Louis & Clark State Park campground.

Day 9-10 Hat Rock to Walla Walla and rest

Hat Rock Oregon to Walla Walla Washington - 76 km - Left the Columbia River today heading across eastern Washington for Idaho and the first mountain pass. Scenery is wide open hills with dry grass and occasional large farms. From the smell of the passing trucks this is a big onion growing area. Actually I am a week too early for the Sweet Onion Festival in Walla Walla. No good camping spots so I opted for a Motel 6 for the night. Walking distance from Sweet Basil Pizza and Safeway. Short ride to Louis & Clark State Park campground tomorrow.

Day 8 Crow Butte to Hat Rock

Crow Butte to Hat Rock today. Lots of straight road with minimal climbing. Headwinds came up in the afternoon. Expected to get coffee and second breakfast around km 25,but the advertised roadside restaurant in Patterson looked like it has been closed for awhile. Pretty much the case with most businesses there. Finally went for a gourmet meal at Burger King at km 62.

Afternoon headwinds picked up so I stopped at Hat Rock, about 30 km from my planned destination. Will get out early tomorrow and push through Walla Walla if the weather cooperates. 

Day 7 Mary Hill to Crow Butte

93 km today - Long day. Started out on the Maryhill  Hiway (I would really like to meet the knucklehead who named a gravel road a hiway) which turned out to be a gravel road of river rock with patches of crushed rock. Lightly traveled leaving patches of really loose stones. At km 7.5 I finally dumped the bike and ended up pushing it until km 11.7 where it was paved. Took about 2 hours for what should have been a maximum of 40 minutes and burned a lot more energy than planned, including a 1 km round trip to retrieve a bag that fell off right after the accident. 

Day 6 Hood River OR to Mary Hill State

9 June Mt Hood Oregon  to Mary Hill State Park Washington - 73 km - shorter ride today keeping to Interstate 84. More traffic, wide shoulders and no grades greater than 3.5% except for the off ramps where they approach 5%. Heading East in the morning getting full use of my clever wife's modification to my helmet. Well worth the sacrifice of a baseball cap. Hung out in The Dalles drinking Starbucks at 60% the price in Thailand and still rolled into camp by 1330 hrs. WINDY here in the afternoon.