Transam 2017

Day 11-12 30-31 May

Intended to ride south from Forks to meet Tom and visit him in Tumwater South of Olympia. As I was getting packed to go we got hit by a thunder and lightning storm. Anita ended up driving all the way to Amanda Park where we met Tom. Thanks to the extreme kindness of family and friends. 

Tom and I spent the rest of the day doing detail provisioning and eating. 

Day 8-9-10 27-29 May

Off to Elk Plains, South of Olympia WA to visit family. Stayed with neice Adria and fiance Ian. Wonderful BBQ, conversation and belly laughs. Also saw neice Katy, sister to Andrew and... Then went off to meet great neice Thea and baby Joseph Leonard who is named after both my father and myself. 

Monday evening it was back to Forks with the intention of riding on Tuesday


Day 7 26 May Lake Crescent to Forks WA

45 km - Nice ride to my sister's house on the Quillayute Prairie northwest of my hometown of Forks. Had a great breakfast at the Hungry Bear Cafe about 20 km into the ride. Easy ride after that with nice warm sunshine. Stopped at the Cannibus Coast shop to see what the marijuana madness is all about. Amazing the number of brands of weed for sale. Back when I was partaking the choices were one or two baggies? 

Day 6 25 May Chemainus BC to Lake Crescent

Great day, missed the 1030 ferry and hung out in Victoria Harbor for 4 hours. Clear skies, live music, Nathan hotdogs and chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone. Life doesn't get much better. Arrived Port Angeles before 6pm, and considering that it doesn't get dark until 9-10 pm this time of year I set out for Lake Crescent and Fairholme Campground. The luck of the day held and there was no headwind around the lake - worried last year that it was going to drive me backwards.