TransAm 2018

Day​ 13, Mile 501 to 559

Day​13 to Nickerson KS 58 miles (93 km) of normal Kansas landscape. Met a couple of librarians on bicycles riding west from Washington DC.

At the Sunshine Cafe in Nickerson I saw evidence of how long and popular this route has been from a stick pin map they have been keeping for more than 5 years. I still put the only pin in Bangkok Thailand as my home town.

Also met my first salt miner. Jeff works 650 ft below ground and has been doing this job for 30 years. He really can get up in the morning and say "Back to the salt mines"

Day​ 12 Mile 436 to 501

Day​12, an unremarkable 65 miles (105 km) across Kansas. Beginning to meet more western bound riders, all ready to be finished with Kansas.


An intensely hot afternoon and minimum sleep last night with blaring mariachi music at 2 am sent me to a discount hotel with a/c once again. I do prefer camping but sitting around in 98 F (37 C) weather waiting for the sun to go down is not that much fun either.


Lunch at El Dos de Oros was a high point with nice Mexican food.

Day​11, Miie 381 to 436

Day​11 (Day 10 was a rest day) On the road at 5 am, the right solution, at least for today, for Kansas wind and heat. 55 miles (88 km) and I was in Ness City KS by 1030 am! And not feeling exhausted to boot.

Met my first and second riders coming from the east. Gary from Delaware on the road and James from New York in the campground in Ness.

Good food, refreshing cold shower at the city pool and I will be ready to do it for 60 miles tomorrow morning.

Day​ ​9-10, Mile 333 to 381

June 6-7 Rode to Scott City today. About 10 miles (16 km) shorter than yesterday but the wind was a real challenge. Quartering head wind until noon, then a blasting side wind trying to push me across the road. Longer than yesterday by more than an hour. Got to the city park and decided that I didn't have the strength left to deal with the tent. Another cheap hotel with a/c tonight.

Officially below 3000 ft now at 2970 ft (905 m) for Scott City.

So they said ride West to East, sun in your eyes in the morning, but tail winds. Calling bullshit on the winds so far this trip.

Day​ 8, Mile 275 to 333

Day​ 8, 5 june - 58 miles (94 km}) Left Colorado and entered Kansas today. Southeastern Colorado was flat, but it looks hilly compared to Kansas. Tail wind all the way, but temperatures hit 98.6 (37C) after 12. Could begin to feel the heat from the road surface towards the end of the ride. Lot's of water today.

Did not see any state line sign when I arrived in Kansas, just a Greeley County sign and one about watching out for Kansas workers and double fines in work area.