TransAm 2018

Day 2, Mile 29 - 59

30 May - 30 miles (50 km) - 1000 ft (300 m) total altitude loss with a lot of ups and downs to get here. Route began with a gravel trail not really suited for a loaded touring bicycle. This was followed by twenty miles of "gently rolling hills" - not really. Not nearly the amount of climbing as yesterday, but I was clearly not recovered from that ride.

Plan was to get as close as possible to Pueblo and I guess that is what I did, although I planned to be a bit closer. Tomorrow's profile looks a little different, downhill with none of the whoopdee doo's of today's ride.


Day 1, Mile 0-29

29 May - 29 miles (47 km) - 2000 ft (1500 m) altitude gain - Gregg gave me a ride to Sedalia to the beginning of Hiway 105 objective Colorado Springs. Beginning a ride at 5000+ ft {1524 m} with 4 months of no training is a recipe for a long day. After 2000 ft (1500 m) of climb from 5000 ft to 7200 ft I was completely done for the day and found a motel in Monument. Spent the afternoon whimpering around the room and fell asleep before 8pm.